Learnerships for Specific Courses in South Africa 2021/2022

Learnerships for Specific Courses in South Africa 2021/2022

Learnerships for Specific Courses in South Africa 2021/2022; Below are the list of Course Specific Learnerships in South Africa




Learnerships in South Africa 2021/2022

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NSFAS Application 2021/2022

Learnerships form part of a nationally recognised qualification that is directly linked to an occupation. This means that what you learn on a learnership is not just for the particular job that you can get once you have finished the learnership; it also forms part of a higher qualification that you can study further for through other learnerships or short courses.


Each learnership has a specific level of qualification. An artisan like a bricklayer or a beautician, for instance, is a Level 4 Qualification. This means that if you want to become an artisan you will have to complete 4 four separate learnerships (levels 1, 2, 3 & 4). There is no set time-frame in which you have to do these, as each level qualification remains in the system and will count towards the full qualification.

Below is the list of Learnerships for Specific Courses. Click to see more details and proceed to Apply.

Agriculture Learnerships

Banking Learnerships

Bcom Accounting Learnerships

Business Studies Management & Administration Learnerships

Call Center Learnerships

Commerce Learnerships

Engineering Learnerships

Electrical Engineering Learnerships

Civil Engineering Learnerships

Mechanical Engineering Learnerships

Learnerships for the Disabled

Fitting and Tuning Learnerships

Flight Attendants Learnerships

Governmental Learnerships

Grade 12 Learnerships

Hospitality Learnerships

HR Human Resources Learnerships

Information Technology/IT Learnerships

Journalism Learnerships

Learnerships for Law Students

Logistics Learnerships

Learnerships for Matriculants

Mining Learnerships

Nursing Learnerships

Pharmacy Learnerships

Prison Warder

Psychology Learnerships

Paramedic Learnerships

Radio Broadcasting Learnerships

Rigging Learnerships

Teaching Learnerships

Traffic Officer Learnerships

Welding Learnerships